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Since 1990 – with a focus that verges on obsession – Danum Industrial Ltd. (DI) has delivered
digital radiography devices, software, peripherals, solutions and associated services
to the medical and industrial imaging sectors.
In 2022 DI specialised exclusively in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)  

In all that we do we strive to uphold four core ideals    
First Class Service 
Premium Quality 
Optimum Performance 
Unbeatable Value    

We know    
Our products must be innovative and appropriate 
Our services must be responsive and timely 
Our pricing must be competitive    

Whether you are an end-user, a services provider or a re-seller of the equipment first of all we listen

 Only when we are sure we can serve you in the right way to suit the specifics of your individual situation
do we offer to supply to you the right product and associated services at the right price.    

We invite you to scan through the pages of this website
to find out more about what we do and how we do it.
We understand that your requirements will be unique and varied,
so we look forward to hearing from you soon
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Recognising that NDT will - like the rest of industry - soon be completely transformed by digital technologies Danum Industrial has made the strategic decision to specialise in supply of digital NDE for the NDT radiography industry.
This includes advanced image capture devices, handling equipments, complementary products and peripherals.
All hardware is configured and integrated for systems operation, visualisation and archiving with i-Rad software.
Devices are frequently combined with software and IT systems to deliver a complete bespoke solution. Because of the limitations of the website this is just outline information.  Please contact us for full details.

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Direct Digital Flat Panel Detectors

Danum Industrial can supply a range of over 80 flat panel detectors for almost any conceivable NDT requirement.
Clearly this is too many to illustrate on a rationalised website.
Company sales consultants discuss a customer’s individual needs to ensure supply of the most appropriate solution.  
Please contact us to advise your specific requirements.
Following is a selection of three of the most commonly specified models and the new bendable FPD.
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Model No 
FPD 2430H D1

Panel Technology: a-Si - CsI / Gadox 
Usage:  static 
Active Area: 291×233 mm 
Ext Dim:  380×380×19 mm  
Pixel Pitch:  76㎛ (or “binning” 152 μm) 
Pixel Matrix: 3840 × 3072 
Energy Range: to 450 kVp 
AD Conversion:  16 bit Water & Dust Proof. 
IP Rate:  IP67 
X-ray Interface:  Software TRG, AED 
Weight 3.9 kg

Model No 
FPD 4343N V1

Panel Technology:  a-Si - CsI / Gadox 
Usage:  dynamic 
Active Area:  432 × 432 mm + handles 40 mm 
Ext Dim:  500 × 500 mm 
Pixel Pitch:  150 ㎛ 
Pixel Matrix:  2880 × 2880 
Energy Range:  20-450 kVp 
AD Conversion:  16 bit 
Frame Rate:  15 fps (1×1), 30 fps (2×2) 
Data Interface:  GigE Vision 
Weight:  29 kg

Model No 
FPD 4336i D1

Panel Technology:  a-Si - CsI / Gadox 
Usage:  static / dynamic - wireless 
Active Area: 426 × 350 mm 
Ext Dim:  460 × 384 mm 
Pixel Pitch: 100 ㎛ 
Pixel Matrix: 4288 × 3524 
Energy Range: 20-225 kVp 
AD Conversion: 16 bit 
Frame Rate: 3.5 fps (1×1), 7.0 fps (2×2) 
Data Interface: GigE Vision 
Wireless i/f WIFI (802.11 n) 2×2 MIMO 
Weight:  4.3 kg

Model No 
FPD 1036FW D1

FPD with curved surface without distortion 
Usage:  static 
Panel Technology: a-Si 
Scintillator:  CsI 
Active Area: 107 × 322 mm 
Curve Diam:  8”–42” (203-1067 mm) 
Pixel Pitch: 140 ㎛ 
Pixel Matrix: 768 × 2304 
Energy Range:  up to 225 kVp 
AD Conversion: 16 bit 
Water & Dust Proof IP Rate:  IP67 
Wireless Interface:  WiFi (802.11n) 2×2 MIMO (also Wired) X-ray 
Interface: Software TRG AED 
Weight:  2.4 kg

Radiograph Digitizers

Danum Industrial has great experience in the supply of film digitizers and computed radiography systems. 
The Company knows that some 99% of industrial radiography is still performed using analogue devices and techniques. 
Clearly there is an incalculable number of X-rays that cannot be ignored and must be integrated into the digital world. 
The bridging technology to make a seamless transition is a film digitizer operating with a viewing/archiving application. 
DI offer two outstanding technologies to meet every need for film digitization, Charge Coupled Device (CCD) and Laser. 
Combined with our powerful device operation, viewing and archiving software the transformation is complete

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Model No 
SCC 35 M1

Hi Density CCD Technology 
Up to 1200 dpi = 21 µm 
8/16-bit - 0.37-4.5 OD 
Max scanning size 14” × 200” 
Supports DCM, BMP, JPEG, TIFF 
Lossless & Lossy JPEG Compression 
Auto Film Feed Options (left & right)

18​​ Model No 
SCL 35 A1

Hi Density Laser Technology 
50-500 µm - 8/12-bit - 0.03-4.7 OD 
Scanning size: W 10-35 × L 19-500 cm 
Supports:  DCM, BMP, JPEG, TIFF 
100-sheet Auto Film Feed Option (see right)

Time-Delay Integration (TDI) Cameras

Danum Industrial can supply one of the most advance technologies for in-motion scanning in the field of NDT. 
We are proud to offer the Time-Delay Integration (TDI) Camera 
Simply put TDI is a scanning device with frame transfer to produce a continuous video image of a moving object. 
Achieved by means of a stack of linear arrays aligned with and synchronized to the motion of the object to be imaged  as the image moves from one line to the next, the integrated charge moves along with it.  
This provides a higher resolution at lower light levels than is possible with a line-scan camera. 

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Application:  Ultra high-speed inspection line 
Speed:  Configurable - to max 144 m/minute 
Width:  Up to a maximum of 293 mm 
Scanning:  Bi-directional (improves large object cycle time) 
Resolution:  48 µ  
Bit depth: 12 or 16 bit
- even in dark samples by using 150 line integration  
X-ray exposure:  10-180 kVp 
X-ray sensitive area:  221.1 × 293.4 mm (h) / 7.2 mm

Positioning Equipment

Danum Industrial know objects and structures in the NDT world come in many shapes, sizes, materials and weights. 
Positioning objects precisely, firmly and safely for a perfect shot is an essential part of successful NDT inspection.
With its partners DI has developed a purpose-designed range of handling systems for use in digital NDT. 
Whether your application is for fixed, dynamic or rotating image capture we can help.

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Rotating Table 

Model No 
PDR 500 C1

Motorized - 360º rotary system 
350-1000 mm diameter 
automatic cylindrical scan​​ning
on own-axis of object /
on R+Z polar coordinates of a plane and at 
different heights 
fully integrated in i-Rad software


Model No 
PDL 2100 XY 

i-Rad Application 
Enables scanning in X-Y axes 
select X-ray of part of a large object 
useful X-Y stroke 212 × 213 cm 
payload 20.0 kg 
configurable displacement speed 
precision <10 µm

Volumetric & Flat Positioner 

Model No
PDV 2400 XY

Enables scanning in X-Y axes 
to X-ray part of a flat or bulky object 
multiple size objects 
500 mm circular fixed platform 
6 retractable braked blockable castors

Peripheral Devices & Equipment

All DI digital NDT solutions require a dedicated PC workstation for device operation, viewing, comms and archiving. 
DI sales consultants will specify appropriate hardware to meet customer requirements for precision, speed and capacity 
We strongly recommend supply of pre-loaded, configured and tested turn-key solutions for guaranteed performance.         

PC Workstation

Intel i7-6700 (or higher) 
8GB RAM min 
8GB VRAM min 
HD: 512 GB SSD + 1TB SATA 
Keyboard + Optical mouse 
Microsoft W10 Professional