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Since 1990 – with a focus that verges on obsession – Danum Industrial Ltd. (DI) has delivered
digital radiography devices, software, peripherals, solutions and associated services
to the medical and industrial imaging sectors.
In 2022 DI specialised exclusively in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

In all that we do we strive to uphold four core ideals
First Class Service
Premium Quality
Optimum Performance
Unbeatable Value

We know
Our products must be innovative and appropriate
Our services must be responsive and timely
Our pricing must be competitive

Whether you are an end-user, a services provider or a re-seller of the equipment first of all we listen

 Only when we are sure we can serve you in the right way to suit the specifics of your individual ​​situation
do we offer to supply to you the right product and associated services at the right price.    

We invite you to scan through the pages of this website
to find out more about what we do and how we do it.
We understand that your requirements will be unique and varied,
so we look forward to hearing from you soon
to discover together how exactly we can serve you

We thank you for your interest and do hope we can be of service


Dozens of manufacturing industries depend critically upon Non-Destructive Testing
and the number of variants within those applications is practically incalculable.
With our partners, Danum Industrial has operated in every major field of industrial radiography.
The categories below give an indication of our areas of expertise.
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This list is not exhaustive … if your field is not here please call as we are still likely to be able to be of service.


Recognising that NDT will - like the rest of industry - soon be completely transformed by digital technologies 
Danum Industrial has made the strategic decision to specialise in supply of digital NDE for the NDT radiography industry.
This includes advanced image capture devices, handling equipments, complement​​​ary products and peripherals.
All hardware is configured and integrated for systems operation, visualisation and archiving with i-Rad software.
Devices are frequently combined with software and IT systems to deliver a complete bespoke solution.
Because of the limitations of the website this is just outline information.  Please contact us for full details.
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Solutions & Services

Danum Industrial know the inspection industry and recognise that every application is somewhat unique.
For each supply our specialists discuss requirements in detail with clients and develop a customised solution.  
By providing image capture technologies from multiple manufacturers combined with our own object positioning
equipment and software we seek to achieve technical, ergonomic, work-flow and of course commercial satisfaction. 
Our services include but are not limited to the following:
System Design & Configuration   Specification   Samples Production   Cost Analysis   Operation Training   Tech Support

Danum Industrial Ltd.

Since incorporation in 1990, Danum Industrial Ltd - formerly Danum International - has been managed by Paul Hart.
DI has operated as an import-export agent and supplier of technical products with associated value-added services.
Over the life of the enterprise DI has represented over 20 companies from USA and EU, as well as Japan and Korea. 
DI has marketed and supported sales of products in UK and over 80 other countries.

After working initially in the field of photovoltaics, in 1992 DI added an X-ray microfilming system from Italy to the 
product range.  Microfilming soon led to film digitisation, then computed radiography and eventually to
direct digital radiography and associated visualisation software, communication systems and solutions.
For over 25 years DI simultaneously marketed products into both the medical and industrial sectors.
While medical imaging was still vibrant, Paul used the global re-set of the 2020 pandemic to review DI’s direction.
He judged that the digital revolution was at last dawning to transform the industrial imaging world
- much as it had done in the medical arena two decades earlier -
and made the strategic decision to focus the company’s efforts solely in digital radiography for non-destructive testing.   

Building on long-standing relationships and decades of experience, in 2020 DI elected to partner with one of the world’s 
leading suppliers of devices and specialist developers of imaging software for non-destructive testing.
DI is now able to supply complete digital NDT radiography imaging solutions,
including capture devices and peripherals, complete with visualisation and archiving software.
All supplies include comprehensive support as well as complementary consultancy services to accompany both
end-users of systems and NDT service providers along the sometimes daunting but always exciting journey through
the digital revolution. 

Danum Industrial Ltd has a tradition of working
closely with all customers and seeking mutually beneficial outcomes.   

Founded upon a defining Christian ethos, DI upholds trust and integrity as the hallmarks of its business relationships.    

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