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AmbiVU 3D
AmbiVU 3D
AmbiVU 3D fits perfectly into your 3D workflow requirements delivering easy to use, high-quality and incredibly fast 3D imaging.

AmbiVU 3D Workstation

The AmbiVU 3D DICOM viewer workstation is most likely the fastest 3D Workstation available, to date we’ve yet to find one faster. The AmbiVU 3D Workstation displays studies from any modality with the widest range of 3D rendering methods, for surgical planning and image diagnosis. AmbiVU 3D fits perfectly into your 3D workflow requirements, delivering easy to use, high-quality 3D imaging.

The AmbiVU 3D team has won international competitions for real-time 3D graphics for over 15 years and is regarded as the best, if not one of the best in the world. Our 3D Workstation draws on that pedigree to provide a fast, simple to use and very powerful 3D DICOM viewer.


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Comprehensive Rendering Modes

3D Surface, 3D Volume, 3D ambient light surface, MIP, minIP, AvIP, MPR, free camera, thick slab, orthogonal slice projection.


Orthogonal and camera-based cut planes, with the ability to remove just the tissue.

Bone removal and image editing

Super fast one-click bone-removal and image eraser for fine level tuning.

Camera Control

Free and static camera, so you can fly through the volume. Camera auto rotate for easy viewing.

Preset volume rendering views

A range of default volume rendering modes for instant bone or tissue viewing.

Measurements and Annotations

Full range of overlay tools for annotations, including free-hand area tools.

Image Manipulation

Full range of image manipulation tools, including zoom and hover magnify, pan, etc.

Cine and Image capture

Produces high quality cine and images into DICOM or a standard image or AVI format.

Image Quality

Unrivalled image quality with sub-voxel level sampling, giving you crisp, accurate images.


The Ambivu Image engine is the fastest medical display engine available providing zero delays or lag, even when volume rendering a full body 3D dataset.

Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting interface, with reports into RIS via HL7 or remote using Ambivu Connect.


Built-in mini-PACs holding over 2,000 patients supports Q/R both as SCP and SCU, supports C-Store both as SCU and SCP.


Integration via DICOM push, HL7 messaging, command-line interface, COM (on Windows) or the powerful built in scripting engine.

Scripting Engine

Fully scriptable interface with IDE for carrying out any functionality supported on the workstation, including DICOM query, data import, data viewing, converting and sending.


Runs equally fast on Windows, Apple Mac and Linux platforms.


Operating Systems

The AmbiVU Workstations support the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • OS X Leopard
  • OS X Snow Leopard
  • Debian - scheduled 2010
  • Ubuntu - scheduled 2010

Computer Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Pentium III-class processor
  • 512GB Ram
  • 40GB free hard drive space
  • Minimum resolution 1024 x 768

Middle Level PC

  • CPU: Intel Core i5  @  3.30GHz or more
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 500GB+
  • Windows 7

High Level PC

  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • Memory 4GB
  • Hard drive: 500GB
  • Windows 7

Middle level graphics card: ATI Radeon 6850 - 1GB

High level graphics card: ATI Radeon 6970 - 2GB

For an intensive operation such as the Virtual Colonography, we'd recommend a high level computer + graphics card. Mammo can work on middle level for both. 3D and PET/CT can work on middle level computer and high level graphics card.

Mac Requirements

  • 64 bit Intel processor
  • 32 bit Intel processor
  • PowerPC
  • Graphics Hardware

The AmbiVU DICOM Viewer workstation uses OpenGL as the basis for its rendering. Depending on the graphics card in your PC, some features will be enabled or disabled. We have tested with a wide-range of cards and the card support needed for AmbiVU is not the latest expensive model, in fact a fairly old card (3+ years) will support AmbiVU workstation fine. These cards cost very little. See Graphics Card Support for a list of supported cards.

For further information regarding AmbiVU 3D, please call 01302 371500 or email information@danum.com.

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